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Fanfic - GengKyu/HanKyu

Title : Love at first hear
Author : suju_addicted
Pairing : Hankyung x Kyuhyun
Genre : Romance
Rating : PG
Summary : In which Kyuhyun is a part time pianist in a bar and Hankyung happens to fall in love with his music. (I suck at summaries, I know)
Dedicated to : hangeng4ever for putting up with my constant commenting that pops up every few minutes even though exams were on the next day :D and I totally owe her/him this fic anyway
A/N : My birthday is coming up!! Try and guess when and how old I'm turning!

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I'm currently working on a hankyung x kyuhyun fic. I already finished it days ago. But, being obsessed towards perfection, I wanted to reinvent the opening as it didn't satisfy me. But...after finally typing it into my PC, with new addditions, I opened it again today. Only to find it missing, lost, gone.

I am totally frustrated. I spent a really long time on it until the early hours of morning, only to find it GONE. Not only that, I can't remember all the new additions I did, so you can see why I'm going mad.

I am now trying to do it all over again and post it up as soon as I can. You can expect a HanKyu/GengKyu fic to be posted up in a while. Maybe a few days or so. After I get over my depression.

And I've got new favourite couples:

1. Yesung x (anyone)
2. Kyuhyun x (anyone)

Because Kyuhyun and Yesung are my bias XD


A very happy birthday to Hyukjae (Eunhyuk) of Super Junior:

I was suppposed to post this up yesterday but the internet failed me...

KiSung fanfic - Three Words

Title : Three Words
Author : suju_addicted
Pairing : Kibum x Yesung
Genre : not exactly fluff...not really angst either so...Romance??
Word Count : 580 words
Summary : Because merely three words can make you so happy. But three other words can break you just as much.

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SiHan fanfic - Our World

Title : Our World
Pairing : Siwon x Hankyung
Genre : Romance
Author : suju_addicted
Word Count : 308 words
A/N : I posted this before in miracle but not on my LJ.

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Finally!! Tomorrow is the last day of school. Holidays were suppose to start 6 days ago, but since I go to a different type of school, we have holiday classes from 7.20 to 11.50. I envy my other friends who goes to normal schools...their holidays starts 6 days earlier than ours!! But all of our holidays end on the same date..which means that I get lesser time to unwind.
But I'd rather stay in my school than to transfer schools. I get nervous when making new friends. Once holidays ends and school reopens, its all about waking up at the usual 5.20 am, getting to school by 6.50 am, classes from 7.20 am till l2.30 pm, more classes from 1.30pm to 5.00pm and homeworks.
In the school I attend, you have classes from Monday-Saturday. So you only have 1 day off and 6 days a week of classes. But Sundays are usually for doing homeworks. Since I'm elected to become the class monitress, I have more duties than my friends. I'd have to stay a few minutes after class to tie up the curtains, arrange the desks and chairs and fill in the attendence sheet. The monitor tends to help me from time to time though, but he has his own duties.
I've been sooo tired lately. And I've got a lot of Super Junior fanfics that I haven't posted up yet. I'm not sure if I should anyway...
I'm still waiting for the Super Junior third album that I ordered to arrive.

I really like their song called 'Why I like you'. It's pretty addicting and I love their dance moves in the SorrySorry MV. This is it for now...It's late and I've got *groan* classes tomorrow...

Fanfic - KiSung

Title : Coming back home to you
Pairing : Kibum x Yesung- KiSung
Author : suju_addicted
Type : Fluff
Word Count : 266 words

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